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Sandra Kouritzin


Distinguished Professor


Dr. Sandra (Sandie) Kouritzin is Distinguished Professor of Second Language Education. Her work addresses the right to Indigenous linguistic and cultural emancipation, and opposes language loss, language shift, and minority language endangerment, as well as oppressive practices stemming from academic research and the demands of higher education. Particularly informed by critical discourse analysis and positioning theory, her work aims to reveal and undo the broad spectrum of overt and covert operations undermining our empirical, conceptual, theoretical and pedagogical work.


Kouritzin, Sandra G., Taylor F. Ellis, Ahmad Zirak Ghazani, and Satoru Nakagawa. 2022. “Gigification of English Language Instructor Work in Higher Education: Precarious Employment and Magic Time.” TESOL Quarterly.,

Kouritzin, Sandra G., Satoru Nakagawa, Erica Kolomic, and Taylor F. Ellis. 2021. “Neoliberal Sleight of Hand in a University Strategic Plan: Weaponized Sustainability, Strategic Absences, and Magic Time.” Alberta Journal of Educational Research 67 (2): 236–55.,

Nakagawa, Satoru, and Sandra Kouritzin. 2021. “Identities of Resignation: Threats to Indigenous Languages from Neoliberal Linguistic and Educational Practices.” Journal of Language, Identity & Education 20 (5): 296–310.

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