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Sarah Teetzel




Dr. Sarah Teetzel is an associate professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. Her research focuses on applied ethics and human rights in sport, including the eligibility constraints that transgender athletes face to compete in sport.


Brown, Craig, Leisha Strachan, Sarah Teetzel, Nikol Veisman, and Lori Wilkinson. 2022. “”If It’s Not Fair and Equitable, Then Who Are We Serving? “: Exploring Experiences of Racism in Sport in Winnipeg.” Journal of Exercise, Movement, and Sport  53 (1).,

Teetzel, Sarah. 2022. “Intersections of Gender, Doping and Sport: The Shared Implications of Anti-Doping and Sex Testing.” In Doping in Sport and Fitness, edited by April Henning and Jesper Andreasson, 16:239–52. Research in the Sociology of Sport. Emerald Publishing Limited.,

Teetzel, Sarah. 2022. “Philosophical Perspectives on Doping Sanctions and Young Athletes.” Frontiers in Sports and Active Living 4: 841033.

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