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Shannon Moore


Assistant Professor


Dr. Shannon Moore is an assistant professor of social studies education in the department of curriculum, teaching and learning. Through her research, she has explored: student responses to issues of social justice; media education and media literacies in the social studies context; and the use of digital video production in pedagogy and research. Moore hopes to continue research on the use of social justice and playful pedagogies in formal educational spaces.


Fowler, Teresa Ann, and Shannon Dawn Maree Moore. 2023. “Heritage or Health?: Recentring Sport in Canada. A Brief to The Standing Committee on the Status of Women and The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage House of Commons Parliament of Canada.” https://www.ourcommons.ca/Content/Committee/441/FEWO/Brief/BR12181572/br-external/Jointly02-e.pdf.,

Moore, Shannon Dawn Maree, and Bruno De Oliveira Jayme. 2022. “Self-Checkout Education: The Deprofessionalizing, Dehumanizing and Demoralizing Impacts of Online Education.” The Monitor, January 6, 2022.,

Moore, Shannon Dawn Maree, Bruno De Oliveira Jayme, and Joanna Black. 2021. “Disaster Capitalism, Rampant EdTech Opportunism, and the Advancement of Online Learning in the Era of COVID19.” Critical Education 12 (2).

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