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Shauna Labman


Associate Professor


Dr. Shauna Labman is an associate professor of Human Rights and Executive Director at the Global College, University of Winnipeg. She is a legal scholar who writes and speaks extensively on refugee law, resettlement, and private refugee sponsorship within a broader context of human rights and public international law. She focuses on the layered influences of law on public policy and government positioning.


Korteweg, Anna, Shauna Labman, and Audrey Macklin. 2023. “Humanitarian Bargains: Private Refugee Sponsorship and the Limits of Humanitarian Reason.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 1–18.,

Cranston, Jerome, Shauna Labman, and Stephanie Crook. 2021. “Reframing Parental Involvement as Social Engagement: A Study of Recently Arrived Arabic-Speaking Refugee Parents’ Understandings of Involvement in Their Children’s Education.” Canadian Journal of Education 44 (2): 371–404.

Liew, Jamie, and Shauna Labman. 2019. “‘A Refugee Is a Refugee’: Asylum Changes Threaten Canada’s ‘gold Standard’ System.” CBC News, April 20, 2019. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/opinion-canada-refugees-1.5103772.

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