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Shawna Ferris


Associate Professor


Dr. Shawna Ferris is an associate professor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She researches and teaches in feminist cultural studies and critical race theory. Her research interests include cultural representations of and responses to sex work/ers, as well as cultural marginalization, and the raced, classed and gendered violence resulting from that. Her current research examines anti-violence, anti-racism and decolonization-oriented commemorative activism stemming from the growing number of missing and murdered women—many of whom are Aboriginal people—in urban centres across the Canadian West.


Allard, Danielle, Shawna Ferris, Amy Lebovitch, Jenn Clamen, and Micheline Hughes. 2021. “Ethical Accountability and High-Stakes Recordkeeping: Discussions from the Sex Work Activist Histories Project.” Proceedings of the Annual Conference of CAIS.,

Bak, Greg, Danielle Allard, and Shawna Ferris. 2019. “Knowledge Organization as Knowledge Creation: Surfacing Community Participation in Archival Arrangement and Description.” Knowledge Organization 46 (7): 502–21.,

Lebovitch, Amy, and Shawna Ferris, eds. 2019. Sex Work Activism in Canada. ARP Books.

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