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Shirley Thompson


Associate Professor


Dr. Shirley Thompson is an associate professor at the Natural Resources Institute. Her research interests lie with food, housing and water security in northern Manitoba Aboriginal communities, where the sustainability and health disadvantage is most evident. She has specialized in applied research, which included government, industry and Indigenous organizations. Recently, she and her students have produced participatory video documentaries, including Harvesting Hope, about food sovereignty in northern Manitoba.


Thompson, Shirley, Stewart Hill, Annette Salles, Tanzim Ahmed, Ajarat Adegun, and Uche Nwankwo. 2023. “The Northern Corridor, Food Insecurity and the Resource Curse for Indigenous Communities in Canada.” The School of Public Policy Publications 16 (1).

Ahmed, Nesar, Shirley Thompson, and Marion Glaser. 2019. “Global Aquaculture Productivity, Environmental Sustainability, and Climate Change Adaptability.” Environmental Management 63 (2): 159–72.,

Harper, Anita, Stuart Hill, Myrle Ballard, and Shirley Thompson. 2023. “Shifting from Economic Poverty to Prosperity: The Challenge for Indigenous Communities.” Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research 14 (S1): 14 pp-14

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