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Tracey Bone


Associate Professor


Dr. Tracey Bone, RSW, is an Associate Professor of Social Work. Her research and scholarship are in the human rights and social justice area of Deaf studies, with a particular focus on service and program accessibility challenges for members of the d/Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing communities. She also has an interest in qualitative research methods including photovoice, and in ensuring research is accessible to participants who are Sign Language first-language users. Her additional areas of research and scholarship include exploring the empowering role of art for mental health service users, the sibling experience of eating disorders, and the pedagogy of social work education.


Bone, Tracey A., Erin Wilkinson, Danielle Ferndale, and Rodney Adams. 2022. “Indigenous and Deaf People and the Implications of Ongoing Practices of Colonization: A Comparison of Australia and Canada.” Humanity & Society 46 (3): 495–521.

Bone, Tracey A. 2019. “No One Is Listening: Members of the Deaf Community Share Their Depression Narratives.” Social Work in Mental Health 17 (1): 1–22.,

Bone, Tracey A., and Mark Roberts. 2019. “An Investigation into the Routes to Inpatient Care at the Pantang Hospital in Ghana via the Criminal Justice System.” Ghana Medical Journal 53 (2): 100.

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