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Umut Oguzoglu




Dr. Umut Oguzoglu‘s research interests are in labour economics, health economics, Aboriginal economic development, economic growth, panel data econometrics and applied econometrics. He is currently working on a research project that examines income determinants in First Nations Reserves. He has published papers on the financial protection of health insurance, disability, income support stigma and retirement incentives.


Ebeid, Mohamed, and Umut Oguzoglu. 2023. “Short-Term Effect of Retirement on Health: Evidence from Nonparametric Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design.” Health Economics 32 (6): 1323–43.,

Sula, Ozan, and Umut Oguzoglu. 2021. “International Reserves and Economic Growth.” International Review of Economics & Finance 72 (March): 16–28.,

Oguzoglu, Umut. 2020. “Why Do Past Disabilities Still Haunt the Newly Healthy?” Review of Economic Analysis 12 (3): 331–44.

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